Science Competitions


Logan Crandall and Tagon Williams

Are you bored with school? If you are, then you don’t have Ms. Konwinski and Ms. Cusey. They do a series of competitions against each other to try to make school fun!

 We interviewed these two awesome teachers to know why and how they help kids learn and have fun while they’re in school. The reason why they do it is to “provide a space for students to have something that you can really be a team, know that you can be a family, and have friendly competitions“.

There are only two seven grade classes that are a part of it now. Next year, however, they are trying to expand it to all the grades.

 Ms. Konwinski and Ms. Cusey said the competitions “create a community among the students, and they have to work together to get to a common goal,“  which is to make learning fun. 

As you can see, Ms. Konwinski and Ms. Cusey will make school life more fun for you.