PRMS Yellow Jackets: Road to the Championship Week 2

Casey Duncan, Reporter

With a good practice, our Pine Ridge Yellow Jackets were back on the field last week. As you should know, they took a loss in week one, meaning they would be coming for a big win against Chapin. The game started off with Pine Ridge fumbling the ball and helping Chapin score the first touchdown of the game. The Yellow Jackets were down 6 to 0 until Caleb Ford scored Pine Ridge’s only touchdown. From there Pine Ridge didn’t score from the rest of the game. Chapin went on to win big, by a score of 32-6.

Although the Jackets played the hardest they could, they could not pull out a win. But, after the game when asked what did they do better this game Jakob Glabas said ” The offense was way better, and we played better in the first half.” Then when asked how the team’s chemistry was Jakob said “Good so far.” As the season progresses, the Pine Ridge Yellow Jackets are getting closer to playoffs and wishing for a championship trophy to put in their case.