Your new 6th-grade Social Studies teacher

On September 10, we interviewed Mr. Christopher    Lott. Mr.Lott is a sixth grade Social Studies teacher. It’s his first year teaching. So we asked him a few questions.


What college did you go to? 

“ I went to  University of South Carolina.” 

We asked him what  year did you graduate? 

“Earlier this year in May.”

 Do you like working here?

“I do. It has been pretty cool working here”

Do you like to teach ?

“ Yes, I enjoy it ”

What are your favorite hobbies?

“ I like to coach wrestling”

What do you do after school?

“ If I don’t coach that day, then I just go home”

Do you have any friends here ?

“ Yes, I’m actually friends with Coach Holcome. We’ve been friends for a while now.”

Which is your favorite class period?

“ My favorite class would probably be 2nd period ” 


There you have it. Your new sixth grade social studies teacher. He seems like a nice guy. Be on his good side, okay?