What’s Popular?- Your Answers

Matthew Davis, Reporter

So, we got a lot of answers to our question. Some of them are, well, strange, but we will count them anyway.

Jade Rodriguez commented “I like chicken nuggets and Coach Schaffer!”. While the Coach Schaffer part may or may not be forced, thank you for your answer, Jade!

Another person, Ariyanna Brown, commented “I like water…………”. Well, Ariyanna, though the way your answer sounds makes it sound kind of depressing, thank you for your answer!

As for music, Deja Stevens commented “I like rap music”. Well, though I personally can’t agree with you, thank you for your answer.

Now, for our final student for this article, and because there is no human way to sort through 80+ comments in one day, Ashley Alvarez commented “I’m a sneaker head”. Well, I don’t know if that is popular, but anyway that’s great for you! Thank you everyone who commented, as I will make more of these articles for the rest of your comments. As always, have a great day, and peace!