PRMS Cheer Team


Tagon Williams

The Cheer team at the Pep Rally.

The Pine Ridge Middle School cheer team for 2019-20 have not had their first game yet, but some girls are nervous, like Madalyn Miller.

Ja’thya Fredrick said that “tryouts were easy and all we do is cheer, running, and stretches”.

The first game the girls cheered at was the football game on 9/18.  This is Kayla Whitfield’s first time she has ever cheered and was very nervous. Madalyn Miller was also nervous about the first game, she said she’s “never been a cheerleader and just wanted to try it”. 

Melani Miller said that the team is good and she likes it a lot. The girls would be cheering at Airport and they would be cheering for football and basketball.

On their first game Faith Agutu said “It was fun, exiting, and nerve-racking.”

Adriana Larkin said it was also “fun, exiting, great experience, but I was nervous.”