Word from the 6th Graders


Courtney Chavis

Christine Gardner, Keashawn Love, Joe Powell, Justin Sightler, and Gabrielle Duncan

Elizabeth Sherrill and Courtney Chavis

Have you ever wondered what sixth grade life is like, or how is it different from seventh and eighth? We interviewed five sixth-graders and asked how they were liking and disliking middle school.


Keashaun Love said “Great, I like it.” 

Joe Powell said there is something he doesn’t like about middle school. He doesn’t like the fact that there is “an hour in each subject, and you can’t pick subjects.” 

Gabrielle Duncan said “The pizza’s triangle, not square.”

Christine Gardner said she didn’t dislike anything from school! 

Justin Sightler said he liked how they use computers instead of paper. 


It seems like the sixth graders are having a great beginning of the year. We plan on updating you later on in the year. Do you think they will still like middle school by the end of the year? Do you think they will change their mind?