Pine Ridge Yellow Jackets Football: Road to the Championship


Casey Duncan and Jakob Glabas

Welcome to the Pine Ridge Middle School Football Team Road to The Championship. The Yellow Jackets had a great few practices and scrimmages under their belt going into this week. One would assume since it’s the first game of the season they would want to start the year well. 


This week they had to travel to Mid-Carolina, where they would take a hard fought loss(22-8). Their defense was doing very well by stopping Mid-Carolina from scoring unto the end of the third quarter. But, they also lost their starting quarterback, Hayden Chapman, to an injury. The offense responded after Mid-Carolina went up 14-0 then Caleb Ford ran the ball for a Pine Ridge touchdown. 


When asked about the game and the team’s preparation,  Logan Crandall said “We had a good practice.” Chris Roach said, “People were talking on the side. When coach finds out, we run hills”. When asked how they felt about losing the game, Logan said “I felt good about losing because I thought we did well”. Chris said he was “disappointed, because I was talking trash”. 


Hopefully The Yellow Jackets respond and bounce back next week by having a good practice.