Ms. Mundo’s Math Boot Camp


Stephen Gwaltney

Ved is either doing jumping jacks or preparing for a crane kick.

Stephen Gwaltney, Reporter

The Math Boot Camp is on its way! Advanced math classes that have Ms. Mundo for either 3rd or 4th period are in for a surprise. Coming up in May, Mrs. Millard’s 3rd period and Mrs. Mundo’s 3rd period are combining into one class for a couple of days a week.

Ms. Mundo she said the reason it is called “Boot camp” is because when she did it with her previous classes, they said it was like a boot camp. (Boot camp is the term used for the intense physical and mental training new recruits to the military go through.)The other reason it is called “Boot camp” is because when you get a question wrong you have to give 10, whether it is push-ups, or jumping jacks, or other things.

Now you may be thinking that will be the worse part, but the worst has yet to come. Every night for homework we will have a test review, consisting of 25 questions, but wait that is not the worst part. Say you accidentally leave your homework at home that day, that is 25 questions you missed meaning you have to do 250 jumping jacks, or pull-ups, or something else.

But wait, there is a saving grace. Say you had to do 250 jumping jacks. A friend can say “I will do 10 or 20 of your 250”, so now you and your friend are splitting them up. Just be ready, students with Ms. Mundo for her 3rd or 4th period, for this upcoming event because it is going to be one fun review!