Sports Superstitions


Avery Hoover, Reporter

Do you have a superstition? Is there something you do before each game or match? Some of the kids at Pine ridge Middle School, Jennifer Vargas, Julian Glover, and Bianca Gonzalez, have told us about what they do before each game.

Julian Glover: “ I wake up early in the morning, at 3:00 AM , eat Fruity Pebbles, watch YouTube, go back to sleep, wake back up, get ready and put on my jersey. Before the game, I get on my “War paint”and I lead the prayer, get hyped and play”.

Jennifer Vargas: “ I text my Mom I love you, then I tell her to wish me luck and carry my bag to show off that it’s game day and I put our win on my story”.

Bianca Gonzalez: “On game day I always wear my jersey to school, and the coaches say we can’t wear jewelry during the game, so when  I take off my cross necklace, I kiss it for good luck”.

These are the few superstitions Of Pine Ridge Middle School. Do you have a superstition?