19 questions

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19 questions

Karma McCloud

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1. Do you prefer cake or cupcakes?

Rebecca: Cupcakes

2. Do you prefer Instagram or Snapchat?

Rebecca:  Snapchat

3. What’s your favorite hobby?

Rebecca: Watching Youtube

4. Who’s your favorite youtuber?

Rebecca: Azzyland

5. Do you play sports?

Rebecca: No

6. What’s your favorite TV show?

Rebecca: Stranger Things

7. What’s your favorite shoe brand?

Rebecca: Vans

8. Would You Rather: Go to your least favorite class or sallow a living goldfish whole?

Rebecca: Go to my least favorite class

9. Would You Rather: Get eaten by a hippo or stink?

Rebecca: Eaten by a hippo

10. What’s  your favorite kind of chocolate?

Rebecca: Dark

11. Do you prefer hard candy or gummy candy?

Rebecca: Gummy Candy

12. Would You Rather: Teach a bunch of 2nd graders or babysit 20 kids?

Rebecca: Teach a bunch of 2nd graders

13. Would You Rather: Be lame and smart or cute and dumb?

Rebecca: Cute and dumb

14. Off brand of real brand?

Rebecca: Real Brand

15.  Do you prefer sweet or sour candy?

Rebecca: Sweet

16. What’s your favorite subject?

Rebecca: Social Studies

17. What’s your least favorite thing to do?

Rebecca: Nothing

18. How many siblings do you have?

Rebecca: 2

19. What’s your least favorite class to be in?

Rebecca: 5th