Art at PRMS


Gracyn Whitaker

Harley McIver and

Haigen Shelley
Haigen Shelley

This year, Pine Ridge students have made many art achievements. Ms.Scala,the art teacher, said “Being an art teacher has been very rewarding because I get to see all the talent of the students here at Pine Ridge.” The students at Pine Ridge are fortunate to have a teacher like her.
Ms. Scala said her students have been working hard on their projects. Her 8th grade honors students are working on textured gem and geode paintings. She explained that Honors Art is an audition-only, year-long elective for PRMS students who are passionate about visual arts.
The 7th graders at PRMS just finished a clay project and are waiting to see how they turn out while her other classes are working on illustrations of winter myths and legends from around the world. It sounds like there are many beautiful art projects in the works!