Ms.Tanner & Ms.Bellino Combine ELA and Social Studies

Cale Metz and Jonathon Dodson

Have you seen Ms.Tanner and Ms.Bellino in the library together? That’s because they joined classes.  Ms.Tanner said it’s “because Social Studies and ELA go together really well”. Ms.Tanner and Ms.Bellino have worked together for three years. She said that they thought it would be something new and exciting, and it is!

Jonathan Dodson
Colby Deaton focused on his GOLD Start.

They are reading “My Brother Sam Is Dead” in the class. The book shows the colonists’  perspective of the Revolutionary War. Their classes are also using tab sheets to take notes on historical moments from the Revolutionary War.

Austin Smith, an 8th grader, said “I feel like it’s a new experience because we’re learning different things and reading better books. Now we are learning double.”