Rudolph Read Aloud!


Bianca Gonzalez

Mrs. Eskridge’s class and our visitors from Carolina Gardens Assisted Living.

Bianca Gonzalez, Reporter

Around the holidays, almost everyone has a Christmas tradition. One of Pine Ridge’s traditions is a Christmas Read-Aloud. Mrs. Eskridge’s class has been doing read-alouds for about 7 years. This year Mrs. Eskridge’s class read Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer to 15 students from Wood Elementary and to six residents of Carolina Gardens Assisted Living.

They read “Rudolph” because that is Mrs. Eskridge’s favorite movie, dating back to when she was four years old. Students started practicing for the read aloud when they came back from Thanksgiving break. Eighth grader Lawrence Richardson said, “My favorite part of the read aloud was making the little kids and senior citizens laugh…and the snacks Mrs.Eskridge gave us.” So, that’s Pine Ridges Christmas tradition. What’s yours?

Visitors from Carolina Gardens Assisted Living preparing to hear Mrs. Eskridge’s class read-aloud.