How PRMS is different from my Old School

Stephen Gwaltney, Reporter

I came from Seventy-First Classical Middle School in Fayetteville, NC. Schools here are different than those in Fayetteville. For example, the curricula are different. In N.C. we studied waves and light in 6th grade, but in S.C. we study that in 8th grade. That is just one thing that is different, but there are others. For instance, the libraries and campuses are different.

It takes money to have a good school. Money makes a good school because if your school has a lot of money, it can be put to good use for students.

My old school had a lot of problems, from terrible computers to terrible fundraisers. We had boards that were similar to the Promethean boards here, but most of the teachers weren’t used to them. Another difference was that the teachers didn’t use Google Classroom. Google Classroom is good for a lot of things, such as notifying you when you have an assignment due. At my old school, we used this website called Edmodo. It  is similar to Classroom except for one major difference that caused many students trouble; Edmodo doesn’t notify you when assignments are due.

At my old school we had seven periods a day and no recess. At most schools, recess ends at 6th grade. The thing that still confuses me is that at my old school we had seven periods a day, but we got out at 2:45 p.m. This school has six periods a day, but we get out at 3:30 p.m. Most of the classes were an hour each, but our home room (your STING) only lasted ten minutes, and most of the time it was just to do attendance.

At my old school, after 7th grade you had the option to take library science as one of your 8th grade classes. You had to apply for this class. Library science is basically like an unpaid internship with assigned duties. For example, you could be assigned book shelves and you had to make sure all the books were in order and the shelves were neat and tidy. Another thing you got to do was check in and check out books. When it came time to promote things like fundraisers, Reading Rocks, and book fairs, you got to help promote these events. You could make a commercial, posters, or something else to advertise. Library science is one of the things I miss most about that school.


      Schools are not always perfect.  Nothing is ever going to be perfect. I would have to say this school is a lot better than Seventy-First Classical Middle school, and by a long shot. You can take my word for it when I say, “PRMS is an outstanding school.”