Chess Club


Abbigayle Williams, Reporter

Pine Ridge has a chess club! 

Ms. Key said she started the chess club at Pine Ridge Middle School because “I believe that chess will help students with school.” She believes that there are certain skills used in chess that can be used in the classroom, such as cognitive thinking skills.

Drew Plyler, a licensed chess instructor, comes to teach the members how to play.  If you are in beginners chess you are taught how to play chess and some techniques to use. If you are in the advanced chess class you learn techniques and strategies to use when playing other opponents. Normally you would pay about 50 dollars a week to do what they learn in chess club but he comes to the school free because of the Communities In Schools program, which Ms. Key oversees.

The only requirements to be in beginners chess club is to be passing all your core classes and want to learn chess. The only requirements for advanced chess is to be passing all your core classes and know how to play chess.