PRMS Begins Student Attendance Incentive Plan

Harley McIver and Jordan Warren

Students are working hard in Ms. Locklair’s class.

The Student Attendance Incentive Plan is a newly launched program intended to “ help students academically, help them to be better workers in the future, and also avoid going to court for truancy, ” said Mrs. Beckham, our school guidance counselor. Truancy is when a student has five unexcused absences in a row, which is against the law. This could lead to court visits or involvement of the government. This program is designed to avoid those problems by bringing a focus to attendance by rewarding students who avoid unexcused absences.

“ If students aren’t here they can not learn. It affects your teacher’s ratings and your performance,” said Mrs. Beckham.  According to Mrs. Beckham, if the school doesn’t teach students that attendance is important and that students have to account for those unexcused absences, then they will eventually go to high school and won’t receive all the credits needed to graduate. “As a result of not having your credits, you will have to make it up at Saturday school”.

Students who have zero unexcused absences will be recognized at interim or end of quarter. They will receive a sticker to indicate that they have earned the incentives for that time period. Students can earn up to six stickers this year. The stickers can get you free entrance to certain buyouts, as well as gifts and entrance to drawings.