South Carolina Governor’s School.


Matthew Davis

Seven of the Pine Ridge M.S. student who have applied to the S.C. Governor’s School.

Haigen Shelley and Xavier Flanery


What is the South Carolina Governor’s School, you may ask? Well, its a program where the students live on campus and experience the daily life of one of their passion,s just like in college with majors. What a magical way to get a head start on your dreams! Let’s now dig a little deeper.


There are two different campuses: the art and humanities and the science and mathematics. Why two different campuses?


Art and humanities


Art and Humanities programs last one week for eighth and ninth grade students interested in creative writing, music, visual arts, dance or drama. If anything sounds interesting, look into South Carolina Government School Summer Programs. You just have to live in South Carolina and have $500, ($2,100 for the dance program), but assistance is available if you can’t afford to pay in full.

In the creative writing classes, students will find a new appreciation for reading and how to grow their reading levels. They will work on things like poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and screenwriting.

The Arts Odyssey program focuses on ceramics, graphic design, animation, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpting. This is a rare opportunity to experiment with different mediums!

For the drama portion of the school. students will be able to expand their skills by trying out new things like acting, dance, movement, performance singing, speech, and stage combat! 

Practice your music skills by trying bass, percussion, strings, voice, and woodwinds.

The dance program also has a few options. You can practice classical ballet and contemporary.

No wonder it costs so much! Look at all these wonderful things you can try! It would look fabulous on an college application. You better get a head start on your dreams, because this will put you ahead.

Science and Mathematics

The science and mathematics also have a week-long summer camp.  The South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics is mainly for academically motivated juniors and seniors. Also,there is a summer camp that is for incoming 9th graders so they can have the experience. The Governor’s School for Science and Math is a very competitive school. Science and mathematics is a challenge-yourself type of school, mostly for  high-achievers who feel high school is “too easy.” With more than 50 STEM classes and opportunities to study everything from robotics to biochemistry, there are plenty of options.  The school has a chess team and many other sports including Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Men’s and Women’s Swimming , Men’s and Women’s Basketball , Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Track, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Men’s Golf, and Women’s Volleyball.

If you’re interested, simply look them up online. If not, continue your passions anyway, but there is no reason not to try new things!