House reveiws


Altruismo takes the early lead!

Haigen Shelley and Xavier Flanery, Reporter


Have you ever heard of Harry Potter?  How about the Hogwarts houses, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytheryn? Well, at Pine Ridge Middle School we are doing something similar with the same purpose! We interviewed people from our school’s houses to see how each house responded to these questions and to show some pride!

When asked how the point system works, science teacher Ms. Konwinski answered, “Each house earns it with academics and random acts of kindness, behavior, community, manners in public, (and) character in public, because you represent your school and self.” Ms.Konwinski says the purpose of the house system is “to build a support system and a community among a diverse student population”  and that its important “to create a strong community within the school a positive atmosphere.”

When speaking about the differences between the different houses, Ms.Konwinski said “it is very important to represent the houses different characteristics.” Ms.Cusey  intersected the individual house traits. “Isibindi represents courage and strength, it is a student’s responsibility to represent that. Altruismo the house of empowerment and lifting up others. Amistad the house of friendship taking part in whatever we are doing. Reveur, the house of dreamers…obviously the best house.”

Now that we have heard from the women that brought the houses to Pine Ridge Middle School, let’s hear from our students what they think about it!

First, from our courage and strength house, LaMarria Burgess is in the house of Isibindi.

Are you excited?

Lamarria responded very happily. “Oh, yes because I’m the captain, you know I’m the most responsible of all them. I’m doing it, to keep them hyped.”

Another member of Isibindi, Kobe Gary, said,  “Well, it’s pretty good and everyone is getting along and nothing but raw hype and chant. It’s good. If someone says something to me and i say something back bad, that will change.”

Danyelle Tolleson said, “It’s fine… I try to encourage people to do it.”

Kasiyah Brown is in Altruismo and said, “I like it, but people just don’t put enough energy into it. People need to put more energy into it.”

Sheylla Tenorio-Gonzalez is in Altruismo and said she would change “the cheer, the house thing is making us all turn on each other.”

Iyanna Henderson of Revuer seems to like the system. “I’m very excited about our house, but we need more energy and we probably need a better chant.”

Madalyn Miller said,”It’s okay. I’m in the Reveur, I could change my attitude.”

Lilyanna Shuler said Reveur is “great, except someone won’t do the house thing, so I think there are some people who don’t want to do it, and I can’t change anything because they don’t like me. I could probably change, but they can’t.”

Zoe Mehneris is in Amistad house. “It’s a nice house I guess.” When asked what she would change about it, she said “people need to say it louder”

Matthew Jones is also in Amistad and he said, “It’s kinda weird, it really is. I feel like I’m kind of forced to change myself to be in it, but yeah, I like the chant.”

Sarah Gabino-Calixto, who is also in Amistad, said, “See, we are not that loud. I don’t know most of the people there, they are mostly seventh graders. Our chant is pretty cool, i don’t think it’s that bad.”

Isibendi were the winners for the very first day, but quickly had the crown stolen from them by Altruismo. Be sure to check out the changing scores in the science lab hallway!

You heard it here first, folks, so if you’re part of a house show your school spirit and proudly represent your house to raise up your fellow students.